Sloenka ❤️

What is Sloenka?

Sloenka is a service that aims to replace by itself analytical departments in any company. Due to it's innovational approach to analytics of the client traffic Sloenka will allow you to get the maximum of human-readable analytics without making a lot of useless effort.

What opportunities does Sloenka provide?

Domains registration

Besides of usual search and registration of domains, Sloenka will suggest for you domains that are most suitable with your business scope. It also will provide an easy binding of selected domains with your website.


SSL is a secured data transfer protocol. Modern browsers, such as Google Chrome, are treating websites as unsecured if they are not using SSL, and the search systems (like Google) are lowering such websites in the search output. Sloenka offers an easy and convenient installation of SSL-sertificates to your website.

G Suite

G Suite is a complex solution from Google that provides a set of Google services on special terms for companies. This set includes beautiful email address, extended space on Google Drive, cooperative usage of Google Docs, etc. With Sloenka service the installation and setting up of G Suite will become easy and convenient as never before!

Users actions recording

Sloenka provides a possibility to install to your website a kind of videocamera, that allows to record all user's actions at your website. It also allows you to track key events, such as, for example, submitting of the key form, requesting a callback, adding goods into the cart, etc. All recordings of visits of your website will be available in the convenient personal dashboard.

Website conversion analytics

Due to innovational approach to the integration of our service into your website Sloenka will be able to provide useful and understandable analytics by all of parameters you are interested in. Without of making an effort you will be able to get information about conversion of your website - how many resources are being spent to maintenance and advertisement, how many users of your site are becoming your clients, what problems does your website have and how to solve them.

Sloenka is now at stage of active development.

If you wish to contact us, you can write to us to email - mail@sloenka.com

We will be happy to know your opinion and consider your wishes and suggestions.